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Women prefer to watch porn on their smartphones

All the ways women watch porn

Women who watch porn are often considered overly sexual or edgy, but the average man is expected to watch it. My friends have anal sex in a clothes store. It's no surprise that millennial women are blazing the trail when it comes to mobile porn viewing.

When it comes to searching for porn, women don't mess around

Its unclear exactly why women prefer watching porn on our smartphones to our laptops, but it does seem likely that shame has something to do with it. Knowing what kind of porn women like tells us a lot about female fantasies and what women like.

Filipino women viewers prefer romantic porn, says report

I don't really like to see women so i prefer gay porn, since we don't have much option. Sometimes i watch straight porn pics that the woman controls the situation and seduces the handsome hot guys.

People can't stop watching porn on their mobiles

Big butt woman ma talking about getting shagged by ebony shaft. In case anyone out there had any doubts, women do watch porn.

Here's why you should never watch porn on your smartphone sick chirpse

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Thai women are watching more porn on their smartphones than men, claims new study

Why is it so culturally acceptable and expected for men to watch porn but not women.

How women are watching porn today, because we're viewing it on our phones more than men

Naturally, here the word teen means an adult young girl of eighteen or nineteen.

Women watch more porn than men, and other steamy stats

Still, women are on average far more hesitant than men cop to watching porn.

Women are more likely to watch porn on their smartphones than men

When women watch porn its heterosexual they prefer the most. Revenge bondage blonde giving blowjob car.

How women are watching more porn on their phones than men

Mcgrath says many of the women she works with feel that they need permission or encouragement to experiment with porn. Black slut getting gangbanged by big white cocks.